Launching Blockchain Billions Podcast

blockchain billions podcast can be found at and iTunes

While collaborating with a co-author, I started a new audio interview series talking with over 30 professionals working in the space of Blockchain from all over the world. A new interview will be released every week from December 2016 through July 2017. There will also be an eBook available with all the interview transcripts.

You can find this audio interview series on and on iTunes.

Tools I Use: portable monitor

As a consultant, some clients have limited audio video equipment. Needing to show a presentation or short video to a group of people can be a challenge with a large monitor.

This is why I needed to find a light, portable monitor at a fair price.

After seeing great reviews, I bought the ASUS MB MB169B+ 15.6″ Screen LED-Lit Monitor.

Be sure you get the +.

The screen works great. Just needs a portable adjustable stand as recommended since the monitor is not free standing. The sleeve which coming with the monitor can support the monitor, but you can not change the angle of the monitor when using this sleeve.

It was very simple to setup and breakdown in under a minute. The sleeve it comes with fits nicely next to my laptop sleeve in my bag. It is very light. I carried a few extra USB cables in case it goes bad, but did not need them (yet).

No batteries needed for the monitor though. I noticed the monitor is only (USB) powered by my laptop, so it does drain my laptop battery MUCH faster than usual. My laptop needs to be plugged in to a wall unless it is in use less than 1 hour with the monitor. Without this monitor plugged in, my laptop lasts 12 hours on one charge.

Printed goods?

Everyone raves about my business card.

My business card is not some flimsy, floppy card.

The most eye-catching thing is my business name.

It was designed that way from the beginning.

It is a play on words.

Another DAM Consultancy

You can laugh. Like it or not, you have a reaction to it.

It is memorable. Whether you know what DAM is or not, it draws attention. Some people ask.

Some people ask when it peaks their interest.

Once you hold my business card, you immediately notice it is something of substance.

Everyone notices it.

It is much thicker than all other business cards.

Some think I handed them too many cards, but it is just one.

All this started with good design.

The final output is printed by Vistaprint.

They do a great job. They are not expensive.

The extra thick business card is simply an option of thicker card stock.

And it works very well.