Tools I use: Audiobooks

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When it comes to consuming books, I prefer to consume and digest audiobooks. My ears are more available than my eyes. When I am cooking, driving, traveling, walking, showering, waiting anywhere…I listen to podcasts or audiobooks. Rarely do I listen to music. I would prefer to learn something.

Audible is one of those great options for audiobooks.

I converted hardcore print book readers into audiobook listeners when I asked them how well they were ale to finish a printed book (or ebook) and how quickly they consumed that physical book. The speed and comprehension is unmatched once you get used to it.

Since I use my local county library resources, I first check because it is free for audiobooks that are over 1 year old. If it is not available on Hoopla then I go to Audible if I really want the audiobook. This way I maximize the audiobooks I can consume and digest each month with the best value.