Henrik de Gyor is an advisor. He gives back to the community with his time as a thought leader and advisor.

Currently, Henrik is a startup advisor for the:

How does ADVISING happen

Advising is either in-person and/or virtual session.

These are 15 to 60-minute sessions.

These sessions are often scheduled. Four times a year if you like. At most, every week.

Henrik will you ask “how can I help you?” and you have prepared questions which are challenging you.

Henrik is very direct and to the point. He can provide some actions you can take overcome these issues.

You can expect plenty of value. Not miracles. Not instant results. Results are up to you.


Mentoring is free of charge. Any mentor who charges you money is not a real mentor.

There is a difference between advising, mentoring and consulting.

Don’t mistake mentoring for the consulting, because Henrik knows where to draw the line. Consulting usually requires a lot more specificity, time and work than mentoring.

Advising and consulting is not free at all. Advising often cost equity.

Consulting costs thousands of dollars per day.

Should you have multiple Advisors?

Yes. I might be one of them. Keep in mind…

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with


If you are seriously interested in having an advisor, contact me directly to schedule some time.