What questions do you want answered about keywording and image recognition?

Everyone loves metadata … as long as we don’t have to add metadata to our own photographs or someone else’s photographs ourselves. Very few people actually like to add metadata to their own photographs and prefer to create more photographs instead.

Next week, there will be a webinar scheduled to discuss the alternatives to keywording photographs yourself. We will also compare human-generated keywording services and machine-generated image recognition available today.

What questions would you like answered about this?

Presentation: Success with Kickstarter

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Presentation: Why Ignoring Rights Management Will Cost You

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Presentation: Self-Publishing Explained

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Webinar: Why Ignoring Rights Management Will Cost You

Join Henrik de Gyor for an upcoming webinar about Rights Management on

Wednesday, April 19 at 9 am PT/12 pm ET.

Diving into the world of Rights Management, Henrik will discuss the standards, services, and technologies that can help enforce, track, monitor, and monetize rights for many creative and media professionals.

This Tech Talk discussion will look well beyond copyright and Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Henrik will open up the discussion to include a Q&A with webinar attendees. Bring your questions, and learn more about rights management.