Aging in Place 

Launched in 2019, Aging in Place Podcast is hosted by Dr. Debi Lynes and produced by Henrik de Gyor on the topic of accommodating anyone, at any age, any physical ability, at any time, for any stage in life. #aginginplace #visitability

Another DAM Podcast

Launched in 2010, Another DAM Podcast has 180+ interviews from all over the world with professionals involved in regards to Digital Asset Management (DAM) and 230+ episodes. Check out the book too.

Blockchain Billions

Launched in December 2016, Blockchain Billions has interviews with people involved in the reality of Blockchain beyond the hype. Check out the book too. #bcbpodcast #blockchain

EIR Podcast

Launched in May 2019, EIR podcast has interviews with Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) across the United States talking about how they nurture and mentor inside universities, large businesses, investment firms, startup incubators, and accelerators. #eirpodcast #entrepreneurship #startups

My DAM Services

Launched in July 2020, My DAM Services podcast clarifies why we offer remote services, how we do this, what the remote services are for and who this it for. The series is co-hosted with co-founder Frank DeCarlo.


Launched in May 2016,  Rights.tech has interviews with professionals involved in Intellectual Property Rights Management. Check out the book too. #iprm

Synthetic Media

Launched in January 2022, Synthetic Media Podcast is a weekly series with interviews about synthetic media. Check out the book too #syntheticmedia


Launched in March 2016, Tagging.tech has interviews with industry professionals comparing human-generated keywording services and machine-generated image recognition. Check out the book too. #keywording #imagerecognition

User Adoption

Launched in September 2018, useradoptionpodcast.com has 100+ interviews with professionals talking about how to improve user adoption for product/service businesses of any size, internally or externally, tech-focused or not. Check out the book too. #useradoption #customersuccess

The following podcasts were created and produced by Henrik de Gyor

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