Tools I Use: Uber

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In some major cities, public transportation and walking can be enough to get around.

Driving yourself and/or parking easily might not be options you want to face in some urban areas.

Some times, you just need a quick ride to your next appointment and taxis may not be available when you need them.

Uber can to where ever you ask at the click of their app geolocated to your location.

I have used Uber to and from airports, businesses, body shops, car dealerships and even home.

It is convenient and fast. You can tell even before asking to be picked up how far out they happen to be from you in minutes.

You can enter your destination and get an estimated cost for the ride before you request to be picked up.

When it rains, snows or during rush hour, prices go up. They understand supply and demand and they tell you up front what you should expect. I like that full disclosure.

You can tell the route a driver should take, if you really know a better route. Your final bill will include a map with the route taken and a breakdown of your bill.

Even you and someone else are traveling the same direction, you can do Uber pool (think car pool) split the fees.

Just like Airbnb, Uber has ratings for their drivers and even their riders.

Next time you need a ride, try Uber


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