Tools I Use: Airbnb

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Since I travel up to 100 days a year, I often need to stay somewhere in another city away from home. To keep my expenses low and keep the value high, I use Airbnb. Yes, I use them more than hotels. If I need to be on assignment in a different region, I don’t rent apartments or houses away from home because all I need access to place to stay. I do not need more ownership. I do not need more infrastructure to manage. I choose access over ownership and it works very well when I travel. Makes life easier.

Get over your fears of staying in other people’s home

My criteria to find a place on Airbnb

First of all, real estate is all about the location. I pick where I want/need to stay. While on assignment in a major city, I sometimes would book a different place every night in a different area of [major city] by choice. Sometimes I would select a place after dinner for that very night. Yes, I would find a nice, clean place every time.

This is one of the easiest ways to see what living in different neighbors is really like. Just like a long term test drive. By literally living there. Not just staying in a bland, cookie-cutter hotel room like a bad tourist trap. I avoid those at all costs. I would rather be homeless than stay at one of those.

I set a budget in mind and length of stay that I plan to be somewhere. Some places require a few days or a week stay to make it worth their while. When on assignment for a week or a few months, that makes sense for me too. Weekly and monthly rates can be quite affordable. Often much better than any rent/lease.

Private room is all I need. I don’t want to care for an entire place. I look for basic amenities like wifi. Extras to me are TVs or a private bath. I eat out when I am not at home almost all the time because that is covered by the client so I am not interested in cooking outside of home. Eating different food is part of the adventure of traveling. Some places I have stayed with through Airbnb have provide coffee in the morning or even full breakfast served. It is very generous of the hosts and saves me the time of looking for a place to eat and order.

Previous ratings are key to a good stay. Read the comments. See what it at the residence and around it.

Same goes for the guest (guests are rated by the hosts as well). I have dozens of positive reviews by multiple different hosts so I am very likely welcomed into most places.

Most hosts are very friendly and welcoming. I have stayed where the host is not seen, leaves a key and some notes which can work well.

Try Airbnb for your next business or leisure trip.


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