Printed goods?

Everyone raves about my business card.

My business card is not some flimsy, floppy card.

The most eye-catching thing is my business name.

It was designed that way from the beginning.

It is a play on words.

Another DAM Consultancy

You can laugh. Like it or not, you have a reaction to it.

It is memorable. Whether you know what DAM is or not, it draws attention. Some people ask.

Some people ask when it peaks their interest.

Once you hold my business card, you immediately notice it is something of substance.

Everyone notices it.

It is much thicker than all other business cards.

Some think I handed them too many cards, but it is just one.

All this started with good design.

The final output is printed by Vistaprint.

They do a great job. They are not expensive.

The extra thick business card is simply an option of thicker card stock.

And it works very well.



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