Tools I Use: Docusign

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I stopped using an archaic FAX machine a while back because I don’t believe in using paper for anything.

I no longer run to an office supply store to get signed documents scanned into PDF format, emailed to the other parties and archived for my records.

I do not own a scanning printer because I am often traveling when I need access to it.

Instead, I use DocuSign. The best business investment I made for signing and sending documents in less than a minute. Someone emails you the document.

Here is what happens. Someone emails you the document to be signed. Text to speech reads me the document aloud to understand the terms and conditions at any hour.  If I accept, I login into DocuSign, upload the document, e-sign the document as needed and email it back to whoever needs it.

E-signatures are more accepted in a court of law than some scrolly non-sense signature done with an ink pen. E-signatures are often geolocation stamped, time-stamped, date-stamped and IP address stamped. Not so much with a pen.

How long does it take you to sign a document and send it to the respective party in another office? When do you get the countersignature? Have you tried DocuSign?


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