How do I: deal with perfection

Perfect ≠ Done

Perfection is not a realistic goal because it does not really exist. If it did, it would be a constantly changing ideal that is a futile attempt to meet. That level is different for everyone, each situation, and once you fictionally reach it, the level changes again. Perfection is more of an excuse used to not move forward since the goal is not possible to obtain. Perfect is really the enemy of done because perfection hinders achievement.

We can not define what perfection should look like nor reproduce it. Yet we can improve on “perfect” over time. So does it really exist?

Good, great or excellent can be a smart goal once articulated outside of our minds once we understand what those expectations look like and then execute it. The journey (getting it done) may not be what we first expected. We can adapt to changes until it is done.

Perfection according to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Airman’s Odyssey

If this quote is a true statement, perfection is similar to simplicity. Simplicity keeps changing, hoping for the better.

Calling a cab to using Uber. Just like computers improve every year, so do our mobile phones. Owning a vacation home to any Airbnb location of our choosing. Even owning a supercomputer can improve by renting the use of a quantum computer in the cloud only when you need access to it. Owning vs. accessing the latest, most improved thing.

As I write this, being in the office has been simplified to not going anywhere physically unless you create or move physical objects for your own work. You do not need to be in anyone’s office space, but your own work environment that you choose.

Do not aim for perfection. Everything changes over time. Aim for good, great or excellent. And keep clarifying by simplifying.

How do I: deal with fear

Everyone has fear, however we can question it.

We can negotiate.

We can take precautions.

We can have backups.

We can weigh risks vs. rewards.

We can make a list of pros and cons.

We can ask what if we did the opposite fear tells us to do.

We can line item outcomes to either extreme.

We can fail and learn from it.

We can try again with a different strategy.

We can ask ourselves what we are really afraid of and dive deep into why.

Ask yourself why repeatedly and answer why 5 to 11 times to get to the root cause of what you are really afraid of.

What if you ignore the comfortable, normal, reasonable, and safe?

What if we blow off our own image?

We can ignore what people think of us and other people pleasing efforts.

We can stop delaying and planning to finally move forward.

If we are not in extreme pain nor danger, even if it is displeasing or discomforting, keep going as long as there is a goal.

Nothing that matters happens without discomfort and fear.

Face the fear. Bare the discomfort to make you stronger. Deal fear another hand.

Move forward and ignore it wisely.

We will all die at some point.

Did we live life to the fullest or die in regret due to fear by just existing?

I choose to not simply exist. I move past fear with confidence. What do you choose to do?