What is your evening routine?


The less I need to think about with a set routine, the easier my day is to focus on what matters, on what needs to get done and ignore the rest.

This is my evening routine. as inspired by Tim Ferriss and his evening routine.

Here is my evening routine:


Stop working.

Prepare and eat dinner. Most meals for the week are often made once a week to save time in prep. See how do I batch tasks to save time.

Every other day, go to the gym to exercise with a neighbor for 45 minutes.


Scheduled bike ride every other day for 30 minutes (great for stress relief).

Participate in a group call once a week.

Set mobile phone on airplane mode.

Plug in and charge with all devices.


On warm weekday evenings (April through October), go to the pool to cool off and relax.

On Sundays, enjoy firepit with neighbors for 1 hour.


Find something to watch on-demand that I have not seen while hydrating with cool water.

Between 10PM and 12AM

Have preset multiple alarms set for waking hours set 15 minutes apart with different sounds that I will wake me on my mobile phone and Amazon Alexa.


6 to 8 hours

After that, I repeat my morning routine.

What is your evening routine?

What is your morning routine?


The less I need to think about with a set routine, the easier my day is to focus on what matters.

Inspired by Tim Ferriss and his morning routine, I thought I would share my morning routine.




Re-hydrate with cool water

Walk for 30 minutes either in my neighborhood, at a nearby national wildlife refuge or on the beach. If weather permits, I alternate between walking and swimming in my neighborhood (access has less cost, hassle, and maintenance than ownership of a pool).


Eat breakfast

        • Handful of blueberries (washed)
        • Black Bean burger (no bun nor condiments). Alternate with a whole avocado
        • Coffee (1 cup)
        • Cool water

Shower while listening to the custom flash briefing on Amazon Alexa in the bathroom. The custom flash briefing includes local weather for the day and business news from outside the US.

Shave in shower with the humidity on the skin.

Dress based on day’s events

Say goodbye to wife as she leaves for work.


Start work based on calendar

Continue hydrating throughout the day

What is your morning routine?

Tools I Use: Alarms

alarm clock icon-black on white

Many people have the challenge of waking up in the morning. They often only have one alarm. With a single alarm noise. Many of us get used to our alarm and eventually ignore the sound it makes.

Some alarms have a snooze button.

Don’t use just one alarm. You can have unlimited alarms at any time using your mobile phone.

Here is how to do this:

  1. Sleep enough hours for the next day: 3 to 9 hours at a time. Don’t stay up for the sake of staying up. That is useless.
  2. Leave your mobile phone in the room you sleep in. Set the phone on airplane mode. Not necessarily at arms reach. You know why. Hint: Don’t use the snooze button.
  3. Add ALL the times you need to awaken on your alarm and leave all of them on the phone for as long as you own the phone. So add an alarm for 5:00AM, 5:15AM, 5:30AM , 5:45AM, 6:00AM, 6:15AM, etc. Keep adding times all the way from the earliest to the latest you need to awaken. Even if you take naps in the afternoon or early evening. Some people much older than I use naps strategically during the day to stay on top of things, often after meals or in the late afternoon.
  4. Add a different sound or chime that will awaken you. Not all noises will be invigorating enough, but alternating the sound for every alarm within the hour is key. Use a different noise for 6 AM, 6:15 AM, 6:30 AM and 6:45 AM, but you could recycle those same sounds for 7 AM, 7:15 AM, 7:30 AM and 7:45 AM.
  5. Leave the alarm volume at the highest level before you go to sleep. The only time I don’t is when I am on a plane while traveling.
  6.  Plug in your phone to charge overnight whenever possible.
  7. Turn on only the times you need the day before. Usually 2 to 4 times ahead of the time I need to be up.
  8. If you have a morning routine, and you know what time you want to awaken on weekdays, just program those alarm times for those days.